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It is a hand-embroidery technique devised by us: we use luminous threads such as optical fiber and phosphor yarns. Embroidery has always been considered as a process that enriches the garment, giving it value and distinctiveness. Embroidery 4.0 is a real innovation to the ancient tradition of handmade embroideries. We create tailor-made embroidery, clothing and accessories customization with luminous threads.

Each embroidery is equipped with a small battery to power up the product.

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Wearable technologies are all the electronical parts that can be integrated into fashion, as lighting dresses or luminous jewelleries, easily worn by people.

The role of the DressCoders’s wearable technologies is to introduce, in a transparent way into people's everyday lives, functional and portable electronics capable of giving value and making clothing, accessories and interior design products distinctive
The distinctive role of Dress Coders is to get people closer to innovative technologies, making them comfortable and distinctive with no fear

The battery is hidden inside the lining of the garment or accessory and is easily accessible for charging

It depends on the size and complexity of the chosen design. The minimum cost of an embroidery with battery included is 30 €.

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We work with many technologies including optical fibers and lighting threads, LEDs, sensors applicable to clothes and accessories and microcontrollers. We also create products connected via app to remotely control the garment / accessory. According to customer requests (individuals and companies) we create the best technological solution to be integrated in clothing and interior design products

Yes, we have several customizable solutions to compose your lighting kit. Write us here for more information

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Yes, of course! All it takes is removing the battery and you can easily wash the garment by hand or with the aid of a washing machine without spin, at low temperatures. The garment can be ironed avoiding direct contact with the embroidery

It depends on the type of technology chosen

Absolutely yes! Every DressCoders product is all hand-crafted